EST. 2002

Back in high school, my friends and I began to randomly sabotage each other by scribbling little animals on the unsuspecting friend's homework in an effort to get points subtracted from their grade. The more outrageously and badly drawn the animal, the more laughs and fury it wrought. After a run in with a fast food worker named Choon, the term "Choonimals" was coined when referring to these animals, now "Choons" for short. They quickly migrated to chalkboards, walls, tests, and 5 years later - the skin of complete strangers. To take the joke even further, we began printing them on t-shirts to sell to our friends and family, forestalling any notion of an actual post-college career. 

Fast forward 8 years. Now based in Brooklyn, New York, the brand is growing exponentially, swapping small pop-up stands at local festivals for cross-country tours and a large social media presence. This summer, we’re taking an even bigger leap: As the official art sponsor of the 2015 Vans Warped Tour, Choonimals designs will cover stages from coast to coast – as well as the storefronts of Journeys clothing stores. 

Bringing these creatures to life as the brand's Illustrator, I've aimed to evolve them from their scrawly, scribbly origins into the refined, monstrously charming creatures they are today. 

Below lies a selection of creatures from the ever-growing Choonimals Bestiary.